Friday, August 3, 2018

A Silver Mine in Tazewell, Georgia #treasure #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy #gawills #gamarriages

A Silver Mine Treasure in Tazewell, Georgia

There are many reasons why genealogists should research old newspapers, for births, deaths, accidents, marriages, historical events of the era, and just good ole stories to tell children. The story of the existence of an old silver mine near Tazewell is accounted in an 1889 newspaper: " Many years ago when the red men roamed over the forest of Georgia, there was, in the piney woods above Tazewell, a silver mine. The location of this mine was known only to the Indians. They worked it for some time and brought the silver to this place to sell to a gentleman who was in the mercantile business here, but whose name has been forgotten. After a time they ceased to bring it, and the merchant, upon inquiry, learned that the water had inundated the mine in such a way to prevent further work. He furnished them with pumps of some kind when they again brought him silver. After the   ... continued ...

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