Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Archaeology is a Relative of Genealogy - Ellis Island

Archaeology is a Relative of Genealogy

It seems amazing when lost civilizations and graveyards are discovered.  Mysteries solved.   Truths revealed.  When I was growing up, the dialog concerning human history went something like this - cavemen, nomads, and generally ignorant civilizations.  Everyone started out as a one-cell animal in the sea and evolved into an ape, later learning about fire, etc.  I wonder if those historians of yesteryear are amazed at the discoveries of written records of great civilizations and their inventions dating back to 5000 B. C.   The speculation of how the pyramids were built is being disproven.  Seems like those guys had gears and wenches!  The public displays from the Tutankhamun tomb revealed a perfect set of gears, just like the ones used today! There were always efforts to preserve  written documents, such as dead sea scrolls and copper plate, and the Rosetta Stone.  Also, the Michelangelo public displays revealed designs (in his own handwriting) of his inventions. A goodly number of these designs survived, but think of what was lost!  Man has always been moving forward.  Until recently, we had no idea of the existence of so many Irish burials of the Irish immigrants to Ellis Island found in New York.  History is still being written.

Where to search for Immigrants to Ellis Island

Genealogy is closely related so far as digging for answers is concerned.  We are rather ignorant of the accomplishments of our ancestors until we dig for it.  That is why the search is so intriguing. 

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