Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Are Hate Groups Destroying 300 Years of American History? #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy #gaancestors #gawills

Are Hate Groups Destroying 300 Years of American History?

The Alamo. 
If some of these hate groups would get busy tracing their ancestors, they might discover that they are made of great stuff!  And more importantly, the roles that their families played in bringing about freedom.  Something to emulate, huh?What a waste of precious energy, parading around the streets chasing some cause.

Given that progressive movements are busy disassembling much of our history, is there anything left for us to see, even after only 300 years in this country? 

As genealogists travel through old towns and villages searching for the past, it is obvious that the old folks are gone and the stories forgotten. Traditionally, each town had its own historian and preserved some of the best stories.  The monuments remind us the way things were in a different time-span.  Names and dates are one thing, but the best reminders are the narratives written upon monuments.  

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