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Errors in the Transcription of Records #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy

Errors in the Transcription of Records

There are tons of genealogy books out there wherein records have been copied and virtually translated from an interesting past of beautifully artistic hand-writing.  This writing is a work-of-art and deserves to be displayed in public halls today, if for no other reason but to awaken the children from their long sleep of misinformation in the schools of academia.    Years have been devoted to transcribing these records for easier reading.  But there are problems.

The double "s" is often transcribed as an "f" , the "e" as an "o", and so on.  Example: The name is Ross.  It is transcribed as Ropp.  Thus, as the genealogist becomes proficient in reading the old script, he is alerted to the mistakes.  This is why reading the original is so important.  Should one have any doubt, the original record must be examined! The woman was "Cattie", not Callie. Further, the name of the husband was horribly written on the  marriage record, only to be transcribed into a book as something else entirely.  Such mistakes could cause a blank in the genealogy for years.
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