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Genealogy is not Fake News #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy

Genealogy is not Fake News

Oakland CemeteryThe only news out there which is not fake is genealogy. I am not speaking of errors. There are plenty of errors in individual research. I refer specificially to the fact that actual documents are used as resources. For some 411 years, public records have been retained in counties, states and municipalities. Although some records burned or were lost along the way, the surviving , unaltered documents have been microfilmed and preserved. The Journal of Christopher Columbus (written in Spanish) did not get translated until recent years. Yet, this adventurer has been slandered in a number of ways during modern times, even accused of raping natives. Ironically, after reading it, one can only draw the conclusion of how truly religious this man was. He believed that God sent him on a mission! School history books and documents written after someone is dead is an opinion or supposition of "what was" during an era which the author was not alive. Thus, a story given years after the life of someone does not make it so. Suffice it to say that the genealogist takes more care in writing and publishing their family histories. Even so, it is always good detective work to recheck the author/s resources. This is because the researcher knows to go to actual documents for more accurate information. If he does not have a document posting the exact date of birth or death (for example), he employs the phrase "ca" (meaning "about"). Truth is so important here that if the data is not properly proven with each generation the genealogist finds himself on a confusing and impossible trail.  Kentucky Ancestors

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