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Duplin County Images of Wills & Probate Records

Duplin CountyDuplin County is rich with genealogy records. The first will book begins in 1760. If you are researching Wilmington, North Carolina, you should also take advantage of examining all of these last wills and testaments as there is much data about family members and places of origin. It is wise to view all of those surnames in your families because parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins also provide information will helps to complete the genealogy puzzle. Duplin County was formed in 1750 from New Hanover County and was named after Sir Thomas Hays, Lord Dupplin, a member of the Board of Trade and Plantations for the Crown during the 1740s. Its immigrants were Welsh, Scotch-Irish, French Huguenot, English and German Palatines. Kenansville is the county seat.

Probate Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Images of Wills, Book A, 1760 to 1848

Albertson, Samuel | Alderman, David | Alderman, David Sr. | Alderman, John | Allen, Henry | Andrews, Abraham | Ashey, Dante | Atkinson, John | Barbrie, Peter | Bardin, John | Barns, William | Bass, Richard | Beck, William | Beek, William | Bell, Archibald | Beesley, Austin Bell, John | Beney, Jacob | Bennett, Thomas | Bennett, William | Best, Catharine | Best, John | Best, William | Bird, John | Bird, John | (2) Bizzell, James | Bizzell, Mary Bizzell, William | Blackbone, William | Blackman, Joseph | Blackmore, Harrell Bland, William | Blanton, Richard | Blount, Warren | Bowzer, Emanuel| Bowzer, Mary | Boyet, Moses | Boyt, Samuel | Boykin, Joseph | Branch, Archibald | Branch, Edelph | Brice, Joseph | Bright, William | Britton, Thomas | Broadwell, Adoriram | Brown, Edward | Brown, Jacob | Brown, John | Burch, Joseph | Bryan, Rigdon | Bryant, Jacob | Byrd, Robert | Camady, Patrick | Carill, John | Carleton, Thomas | Carr, James | Carr, John | Carr, Joseph | Carter, John | Cavenaugh, Silvester Chasen, Richard | Cherry, Willis Clark, Archibald | Clark, Dianna Cole, Robert | Connelly, Cullin Cook, John | Cook, John | Cottle, Robert | Crawford, John | Cummins, Thomas | Dail, Elizabeth | Daniel, Alexander | Davis, John | Davis, Rachel Dickson, Alexander | Dickson, Bernadick Dickson, James | Dickson, Lewis  more names...
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