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Results of Free Research to Members --- George Washington Smith of Georgia

Task: Search for parents of George Washington Smith of Screven, Georgia. Also, his burial site.

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General George Washington Smith was a son of Archibald Smith of Hancock County, Georgia 
LWT of Archibald Smith 1799

As you can observe, young George W. Smith was bequeathed his plantation which was South of the Oconee River. This would be south of Sparta. The town of Sparta has its own cemetery.

General GW Smith was was probably a Naval Officer during the War of 1812. I am basing this upon the fact that
  1. He was married in Liberty County.
  2. The Port of Sunbury was manned (Liberty County).
  3. No listing on 1820 Census, however, he must have been on duty at Sunbury.
  4. Listed on 1830 Census - Ware County (Okefenokee Swamp). There was a fort North of the Okefenokee Swamp.
  5. Listed on 1840 Census - Camden County, St. Mary's, a manned port during War of 1812
  6. Listed on -1850 Wayne, Screven, Georgia.
Records for War of 1812 The land war in Georgia was fought mostly between Indian tribes who sided with Great Britain and troops from the local militias, which also finished it up in Alabama. According to the National Archives, "The names of naval officers are printed in a useful work by R. W. Callahan, List of Officers of the Navy of the U.S. and the Marine Corps From 1775 to 1900 (1901). The basic National Archives record showing naval and Marine Corps officer service in the War of 1812 can be found in Abstracts Of Service Records of Naval Officers (Records of Officers), 1798 - 1893 (M330, 19 rolls, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Record Group 24). Of the fifteen volumes filmed in this series, volumes D and E show officers records of service for the War of 1812. The entries are arranged chronologically. " 

Concerning where buried Did he ever return to the land which his father left him in Hancock County? The deed records in Hancock and Wayne Counties might answer this questions. 

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