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Results of Free Research to Members --- John William Bradley of VA and TN

Task: Info on John William Bradley of VA and TN

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  • Rutherford County TN deeds of John Bradley
  • Crouch Biography, a possible connection; History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky.

    First, I searched in Cumberland County Virginia because people crossed the gap and migrated into KY and TN.

    "Rev. War Soldier, John Bradley, S1792, VA Line, applied 10/9/1832 in Rutherford Co., TN, aged ca 76; lived in Culpeper County VA at time of enlistment (1777 and 1778); discharged in 1781."
    This John Bradley could easily be the progenitor of the Bradleys in Rutherford and McMinn Co., TN and possibly in Scott County, Kentucky. I examined the deeds in Rutherford County TN. Please review them. I had no luck in finding his LWT in Rutherford County TN. He may be the William Bradley who died 1835 in McMinn County, TN.
    LWT William Bradley McMinn Co. TN 3/2/1835. Susan, admx. Property went to the children, viz: Malenda Christian; Agnes West; Elizabeth Baker; Susan Orr. Buyers included John Bradley, John Christian, Josiah Orr. WB C, p. 43, probated 8 Sept 1838 settled by admix.
    Also, a book listing wills in TN denoted a John Bradley, leaving a LWT in Rutherford County in 1853. I wondered if this is your John. Once again, I searched the will books there and could find no will for him.

    I notice there is a John W. Jr. and Sr. listed on the 1850 Scott County KY Census. Is this yours? Incidentially, from 1788 to 1796 a portion of Stewart Co., TN went extinct and people in that area of the county had their records recorded in Robertson Co., KY (on the border). Nothing found in Robertson Co. Stewart Co. was taken from Montgomery County. Nothing fund there. I searched wills, estates and deeds.
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