Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Teach the Eyes to Recognize the Name #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Teach the Eyes to Recognize the Name

In the new age of technology, we may expect to trace our families wholly over the Internet. However, the Internet only has a small portion of what is required by the genealogist.  In most cases, a visit to the State Archives or local library is still indicated.  And once the trail plops itself in medieval London, the shock really sets in.  For one, there are tons of records in local parishes and Westminister.  They are in Latin and Old English.  If one's ancestor lived during the time of Edward I (for example), he may have had close ties with the nobility, making it necessary to examine all of the records kept by Parliament and the monarchy.  And this is not easy.  Nevertheless, the UK Archives
offers free access to many items, and one can order copies. Here is a tip to lighten the chore.

 "Study a chart of the old English alphabet.  Write the name of your ancestor using the chart.  This practice will serve as an example of what you eyes need to recognize while scanning the documents!"

Trace your Virginia Ancestors here

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