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The Devotion of the MacIntosh Family to Great Britain #georgiapioneers #gaancestors #macintosh #gagenealogy

The Devotion of the MacIntosh Family to Great Britain 

old Darien, Georgia

Fishing Boats on Altamaha River
The origin was the highlands of Scotland and they settled at Darien, Georgia, first called "New Inverness" after their Scottish home.  They were mostly fishermen on the Altamaha river where they built their homes. During Great Britain's War with Spain, they fought a winning battle at Bloody Marsh on Frederica Road in St. Simons.  As a result Spain gave up its post in Florida and withdrew to Cuba.  Although he was never celebrated for it, General Oglethorpe won the land war with Spain!

During the Revolutionary War, most of the family sided with England.  William MacIntosh ran supplies to the British and his reputation was wide-spread.  For this reason, although devoted to his calling as a General of the Patriot Army, Lachlan MacIntosh was suspected as being a loyalist himself.  Jealous of his appointment, Button Gwinnett conspired politically against him, which resulted  in a duel on the streets of Savannah.  Gwinnett suffered a gunshot wound in the leg and died from its effects three days later.   Find your Georgia Ancestors

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