Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Lure of Gold Mines #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

Camp Stables, Gainesville, Georgia, 1889
The Lure of Gold Mines

Hall County and other North Georgia Counties were homes of emigrants who came from Abbeville, South Carolina.  The northern counties were an attraction because of convenience, as well as panning for gold.  The 1832 Gold Land Lottery attracted a vast variety of ambitious individuals.  The reason this land was so desirable as that the Cherokees had gold and silver mines scattered about.  When they were driven out of Georgia, they closed off and hid the mines.  Regardless, ore was plentiful. Some struck it rich, while others panned in the streams. There are stories about the region of how hidden pots of silver ore was discovered by new settlers.  Hall County Ancestors. See Names ---- >

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