Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Miracle of Finding the Ancestors #kentuckypioneers #kygenealogy

The Miracle of Finding the Ancestors

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Do you have a nose for discovering information?  I think that one has to get past the names and dates on the pedigree chart and find the ancestor in his own home setting.  In other words, ask questions concerning history and times and the trials which they faced.  Why did they move from one colony (or State) to another?  What was happening around them?  Once some of these questions are asked, one begins to understand.   If my family seat was in Virginia and I was not the eldest son who inherited the home place, would I not be attracted by land grants offered for service during war time, and draw in land lotteries as they became available.  It was all about land.  Without good, fertile land, the family would suffer.  Something to think about.  Trace your Kentucky Ancestors

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