Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Can't Find Them on the Passenger Lists? How to Learn the Origins of Ancestors #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

Can't Find Them on the Passenger Lists? How to Learn the Origins of Ancestors

One of the most difficult aspects of researching ancestors is searching through immigration records. It is a big disappointment that so many passenger lists did not survive.  However, we can come close.  The secret is to track the ancestor everywhere that he resided, pinpointing places with the time periods. Every effort should be made to zero in on the home place and community.  The reason is the existence of church graveyards and the possibility of finding a book written about church history and its members. Should you find such a book,  peruse the names of the members.  It does not matter so much that yours is not listed as one must be acquainted with others members of the community.  The reason is, these names will appear as witnesses on deeds, wills, marriages and other county documents.  The narrative often speaks of the origins of certain of its members.  Take note of all variations in spellings. Your is

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