Saturday, September 8, 2018

Everyone has a Brave Ancestor #georgiapioneerscom

Everyone has a Brave Ancestor

The American Symbol of Freedom
If you have not found a soldier in your genealogy, you have not gone far enough back in time. Throughout the ages people fought in wars.   The genealogy chart doubles every generation.  Start with 4 grandparents, it doubles to 8, 12, and so on.  Today, a young person could trace back some 80 generations on the paternal and maternal sides of the chart and discover 7 or 8 Revolutionary War Soldiers, not to mention the Civil War ancestors.  Then there was a brief war with the French (over Louisiana), the Indian war fought (1772) at the shoals of the Ohio River, and the ground war against Spain won by General Oglethorpe of Georgia.  Most everyone should be able to find some brave ancestors, starting with the poor and destitute from the Palatinate, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland and the starving Irish.  The stories of migration are stories of people seeking religious freedom and a better way of life.  The more recent immigrations to Ellis Island (New York) are replete with stories of how the immigrants were emotionally affected by the sight of the Statue of Liberty! 
Things may seem difficult in our generation, but the way to true freedom was cleared by our own blood kin!

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