Friday, September 28, 2018

Give the Children Memories #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

Give the Children Memories

mother readingFrom the instance of birth, little children reach out to us. The tiny flailing hands seem so eager to touch someone. It is almost as though the tiny creation from its home in heaven has found a strangely foreign abode and is asking: "Who am I? What is my place here?" Although these such reflexes diminish over the years, there exists a natural yearning to belong. That is why family is so important. We have to assist these little creatures discover the wonders of life and help them along the path of identification. The home, dinner table, pets and even the family car suggest a certain security. Yet, it is the family members themselves who connect to security. Yet always, deep down inside of us, exists the need to know more about our ourselves, our own identify. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why tracing ancestors is not only popular in America, but a powerfully cohesive tool in binding the family together. As we learn who these relatives were and the reason for the choices which they made on their path of life, we begin to understand ourselves and our own well-defined bloodline. After finding the names and dates to complete the pedigree chart, should we learn more about our kin and the battles which they fought? After the American Revolutionary War, many of our ancestors did not live long enough to realize the fruits of their bravery. This is because the decision to fight was painful and the struggle for freedom was long-suffering. The founders lost everything they owned. Surely, for years into the future the whole of the thirteen colonies paid a very dear price for freedom. A price which they held dear to their hearts. And, we should tell our children all the stories and particulars. The direct pedigree produces four more names (families) to search with each passing generation. There are certainly enough fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles, great-uncles, etc. to produce some great stories of your revolutionary war soldiers and to relate them to the children. Because, you see, whether of English, German, Scottish or Irish descent, there is at least one great story to be discovered in each family. Our children crave to know these stories. It nourishes self-confidence and a love for history. Thus, learning the past is the key know ourselves. We are not alone!

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