Friday, September 21, 2018

How the Brain is Affected by Deception

How the Brain is Affected by Deception

Genealogist seek truth by examining old records.  If we do not, the ancestors cannot be found. Should you find an old will wherein the father named all of his children, that is an undisputed truth.  Finding it, leads us to discovery the next generation, and so on. 

In today's illusionary world of deceit and lies, we get little truth, if any, from the media.   Someone said that truth is the saving grace of reality and that if we do not embrace it, the brain will invent its own reality.  And we are witnessing this phenomena today as it functions throughout academia, politics, media and the mobs of people who run around protesting and demanding payment and satisfaction for something which only they themselves can provide.  <i>Peace of mind comes from within, not without. </i> There is no happiness in this nonsense. The scriptures tell us that the straight and narrow is the only path to happiness.  This generation is evidence that when the mind is deprived of truth, it invents something crazy.  There was nothing truthful or sane about the drama which recently unfolded in the Senate by democrats.  If anything, it served to prove my point.  Some may laugh, but in reality it is the old deceiver churning up the pot of deception.  It appears that after years and years of stirring this pot, certain of the politicians have entered into the realm of insanity. There is hope of recovery, but it must be employed by the afflicted.  And that is to quit listening to evil thoughts, media, politicians, academia, or whatever group is stirring the pot and instead read good books and listen to inspiring music. And seek the truth in all things.  Society does not owe these people money or retribution of any sort, nor can drugs, physicians or medicines cure it.  It is the task of the afflicted to change, and they owe it to themselves to do so.

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