Saturday, September 1, 2018

John Lederer Explores the Allegheny Mountains #virginiapioneersnet

John Lederer Explores the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains

John Lederer Map

Johann Lederer was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1644 and studied medicine at the Hamburg Academic Gymnasium where he matriculated in 1662. In 1668 he immigrated to Virginia, well-versed in French, Italian and Latin in addition to German. However, he had to learn English. Lederer came to know the colonial Governor of Virginia, who believed, as other Europeans, that the passage westward could easily be traveled by sea. Sir William Berkeley who was anxious to find that passage to the West and the Indian Ocean. Therefore, he commissioned three expeditions expeditions into the Appalachian mountains. On 9 March 1669, Lederer left Chickahominy, an Indian village located near the headwaters of the York River and traveled northwest to Eminent Hill. During this expedition,   Shenandoah County VA Ancestors

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