Friday, September 7, 2018

"Let us Cross over the River and Rest in the Shade." #virginiapioneersnet

"Let us Cross over the River and Rest in the Shade."

Stonewall JacksonLike a servant of the Lord, with his bible and his sword, Our general rode along us, to form us for the fight. Macaulay.

The Death of Stonewall Jackson. Stonewall Jackson was a man of intense religious conviction who carried the cherished precepts of his faith into every thought and deed. He was a tender and loving husband and father, kindhearted and gentle to all with whom he was brought in contact; yet in the times that tried the souls of men, he proved not only a commander of genius, but a fighter of iron will and temper. When danger was the eminent, he arose to play his finest roles as a leader. He knew was thoroughly dedicated to the cause, and gave it his "all." It was during the first battle of Bull Run where Jackson earned the name of "Stonewall," a tribute to his determination to focus his men to their work of repulsing the attacking Union army. Few generals like General Robert E. Lee had as great a lieutenant as Jackson. He was a master of strategy and tactics, fearless of responsibility, decisive, quick in his movements, always ready to march as well as fight. In the spring of 1863 the Union General Hooker had under his command 120,000 men when he prepared to attack the army of General Lee, which was half as strong. The Union army was   ... more ...
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