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Names of Kentucky Ancestors --- > Logan County #kentuckypioneerscom

Images of Logan County Wills, Estates, Distributions, Guardianships

Map of Logan County

The county of Logan was formed in 1792 and was named after Benjamin Logan, second in command of the Kentucky Militia during the Revolutionary War. The territory first stretched from the Mississippi River in the west to the Little Barren River in the east. The county seat is Russellville. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions
  • Book A, 1795 to 1817
  • Book B, 1815 to 1823
  • Book C, 1823 to 1827
  • Book D, 1827 to 1831
Images of Logan County Wills and Estates Book A, 1795 to 1817 

Adams, E. Allen, Beverley Allen, Reuben* Anderson, Thomas* Anigel, George* Arnold, John* Ashley, William* Baker, Robert* Barnard, William R.* Barton, James* Barnett, William* Barton, James* Bayley, Thomas* Bell, John* Bennett, William* Bernard, Heningham* Bernard, John* Bernard, William* Bowie, Patsy* Boyd, Daniel* Boyle, Patrick* Britt, William* Brown, Jared* Brown, John* Browning, John* Bryant, Abraham* Burton, James* Campbell, George* Carlisle, Henry* Cavender, Thomas* Clark, William* Conner, William* Cook, John* Coreen, John* Crabtree, William* Cransden, William* Curry, John* Daniel, John* Davis, Keiza* Dawson, Redford* Drake, Sir Francis* Duncan, Benjamin* Edwards, Penelope Eley, Eli* Elliott, Thomas F.* Ewing, George* Ewing, John* Ewing, William* Ferguson, William* Fike, Malachi* Fisher, William* Fleming, Ralph* Foster, John* Frizzel, William* Furbanks, Robert* Gilbert, William* Gorham, Thomas* Graves, Frederick* Green, John* Hampton, Thomas* Hannah, David* Hawkins, James* Henderson, Thomas* Hendrick, Henry* Hendry, William* Henson, James* Herndon, James* Hinton, John* Holeman, James* Hollarton, Elizabeth* James, Isaac* Horton, William* Howard, James* Howe,, Levi* Hughs, Roland* Hughs, Rowland* Hunter, James* Johnson, John* Johnston, Nathan* Johnston, William* Jones, Aaron* Jones, J .... more names ....

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