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King William County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Court House Records

King William County Court House

King William County, Virginia was created in 1702 from King and Queen County, Virginia and was named after William of Orange, King of England. The court house was built in 1725 and is the oldest court house in continuous use in the United States. The county seat is King William, which includes the metropolitan area of Richmond, Virginia. There was a court house fire in 1880 which apparently destroyed most of the probate records. The only surviving records found are four books of deeds, Nos. 5 through 8. The burnt portions of the pages were cut away and microfilmed. The deeds begin in 1800 and are published to this website. 

King William County Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers 

Miscellaneous wills, estates
  • Dabney, George, LWT, transcript
  • Garlick, Samuel, LWT (Transcript)
Tax Records found with Deeds
  • Tax Digiest 1796 to 1812
  • Those who paid taxes in 1815
Images of King William County Deeds, Book 5, 1806 to 1810

Abraham, Mordecai (bond) | Bagwell, Hickerson | Bagwell, John | Bartholomow to Mill | Bernard, Johnson | Blackwell, Robert | Blackwell, Thomas to Martha Blackwell | Bowles, Thomas to Thomas Smith | Burke, William | Courtney to Lipscomb | Dabney, William to Thomas Elliott | Dandridge, William | Day, Nathaniel | Elliott, Temple, et al | Elliott, Temple, Joseph Hillyard, et al | Evans, Thomas to William Gregory | Fairfax, Thomas | Foster, Blackwell | Fox, Barley | Fox, John and Henry Timberlake | Fox, John to Thomas Redd | Fox, John to William Samuel | Garlick, Samuel | Garlick, Samuel to Robert Hill | Gregory, William, et al | Gwaltney, Richard to Richard Patterson | Gwaltney, Richard and Charlotte | Gwathney, Templeton | Hill, John | Isbell, George | Johnson, Richard and Ann Barber | Johnson, Thomas | Killgard, James | King, John and Polly | King, John and Reuben Dugar | King, John and Polly | Lambeth, Francis | Langhorne, William | Lipscomb | Lipscomb to Lipscomb | Lipscomb, Ambrose | Lipscomb, Madison (bond) | Lipscomb, Samuel | Littlepage, Hardin to Montague Williams | Littlepage, James | Madison, Ambrose | Madison, George to Polly Madison | Madison to Chamberlayne | Madison, Pamela | Mill, John to Eliza Camp | Mitchell, Grany | Mitchell, John | Moore, Thomas | Neale, James to William Newman | Newman, Catharine | Newman, William | Oliver, Benjamin Jr. (bond) | Pemberton, William to James Edwards | Pemberton, Wilson | Quarles, Francis | Quarles, Francis West | Quarles, Isaac | Redd, Robert | Redd, Thomas | Reynolds, John to Thomas Baker |   more....

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