Monday, September 3, 2018

Our Ancestors also had Dreams #virginiapioneersnet

Our Ancestors also had Dreams

Dreams of the PastWe take out our pedigree chart and review the names. Who were these people? Until we really get into it, we do not know. Many people trace their ancestry to patriots of the American Revolution and to the first Colonists to America and this is wonderful. But there is one thing certain: somewhere, someone immigrated to this country and began writing the story of their lives. The story begins in county records, where the first land grant was acquired or deed filed of record when taxes were paid and deeds filed. Sons and daughters were given in marriage and these certificates filed. Later on, people died, leaving estates to be dealt with. Wills, inventories, sales, receipts and annual returns surrounded this process, all filed in the county court house. This is the point where the genealogist unravels the details of a story somewhat inconsistent with family legends and tales. Public Records are the words of the path, a special sort of truth which reveals the activities of our ancestors. Names of Accomack County Virginia Ancestors

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