Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Patriot's Estate was Seized after the Revolutionary War

Prison Ship "Jersey"
Patriot's Estate was Seized after the Revolutionary War

At Salisbury, fourteen miles from Richmond, is the farmhouse which Patrick Henry rented for his family in 1784 when he was the Governor of Virginia. His landlord sold the property to Dr. Philip Turpin, a graduate in medicine and surgery of Edinburgh University. During the Revolutionary War, Dr. Turpin was taken prisoner by the British and retained as ship surgeon aboard one of their war vessels. So it was that Turpin was in Yorktown at the time of the surrender. It was not until his friends vouched for his patriotism that he was released, however, it was largely upon the testimony of Thomas Jefferson. Source: Historic Houses of Early America by Lathrop. Names of Albemarle County Virginia Ancestors
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