Monday, September 17, 2018

Reporter Faking it in Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

Reporter Faking it

Hurricane Florence in North Carolina had videos of two different reporters who pretended to be besought by winds and rain while people strolled casually along.  Why did they choose to deceive?  What is the driving force behind this?  It is said that people who shoot and kill others are mentally ill.  It would be more accurate to say that it was the acceptance of falsehoods which angered them into accepting all of the elements of evil.

There is hope of recovery, but it must be employed by the afflicted.  And that is to quit listening to evil thoughts, media, politicians, academia, or whatever group is stirring the pot and instead read good books and listen to inspiring music. And seek the truth in all things.  Society does not owe these people money or retribution of any sort, nor can drugs, physicians or medicines cure it.  It is the task of the afflicted to change, and they owe it to themselves to do so.

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