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Genealogy Research Results by Jeannette Holland Austin

Task:  Hampton

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Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Georgia and Other States, Vol. II by McCall. This source of information is from the N. S. D. A. R., #160063 and states that Andrew Hampton was born in England. 

Granville County Court Minutes 1746 to 1820 This is the LWT of Mary Minor, deceased, proved by Samuel rust who had been named executur but refused to qualify, so George Stroud qualified. The Minutes of Court only note when documents are filed, and are not included. I found no record of it having been filed in the probate court. I am inclined to think that this is the Mary, wiffe of John Minor. If it is, the 1830 death date copied by everyone on the internet is not accurate. 

Hampton, Andrew, Legal Records 1807 to 1857 Laurens County Superior Court Records 1807-1832 and 1833-1857 which reflect the activities of the Hampton families. Andrew Hampton makes deed gifts to his sons, and sells lands to family members; marries Mary Fullwood; his estate is divided, etc. 

LWT of Andrew Hampton dated 1839, Book A, Laurens County 
Note: Andrew Hampton was married to Mary Fulwood with whom he signed a premarriage contract. His LWT named surviving heirs:

2 daughters, Rachel and Mary 
4 sons: Benjamin W., James D., John M. and Andrew Y. Grandchildren: 

Richard and James Thomas, children of Rachel and David Thomas. 

Warren Whitehead, son Elizabeth Hampton and William Whitehead 

Daniel Roberts, son of Frederick Roberts and Laney Hampton. 

Charles Roach

Rufus Darsey. Note: Benjamin Darsey sold Andrew Hampton land in Laurens County. 

Richard and James Thomas, children of David Thomas and Rachel Hampton. 

Rufus M. Darsey. LWT of Benjamin J. Darsey,wife Leodisy. Named his daughter Polly Hampton who had his grandchild, Benjamin Wade Hampton. 

William Whitehead. LWT dated 1821 of William Whitehead who married Elizabeth Hampton and had Warren Whitehead. 

Fred Roberts dated 1823. Named wife Laney and son Daniel Roberts. Note: The first LWT of Andrew Darsey does not name any grandchildren. 20 Jul 1805, Rutherford County Wills. Youngest child: Washington. Elizabeth Price. Nancy Bradley. Jonathan. Susanna. Andrew. John. Benjamin. Alice. Rachel. Mary, all living. Deceased were: Adam, Michal and Catherine. 


Granville County NC Deeds:

Bk H, p. 4. Andrew Hampton to John Hampton. 8 May 1765. 

Book H, p. 82. Ezekiel Hampton to Ephraim Hampton for land and livestock. 15 August 1765. 

Book H p. 200. Ezekiel Hampton and wife, Jenny to William Jones. 20 Aug 1765. 

Book H., p. 279. Andrew Hampton of Georgia sold land in Granville County to George Boyer 5 Mar 1766. 

Book H., p. 323. Andrew Hampton to Ezeiel Hampton 1/18/1767. 

Book H, Ezekiel Hampton to Samuel Adams in which Jane releases her dower. 22 Feb 1773. 

Granville County Tax Digest

1769. Ezekiel Hampton,, white
1769. Ezekiel Hampton, Sr., 2 blacks. 

Granville County Deed Records

Deed Book 4. Page 289. 12 Sept 1789. John Minor of Granville County to Ben Herden of Orange County for #50, 240 acres on the waters of Crooked Creek. 

Note: This is the only deed found for Minor. 

Granville County Marriage Records

Mary Hampton to John Wilburn 8 Apr 1783. Witness: Lewis Wilburn. 

John Minor to Lucy Mallard. 6 Nov 1807. (John Jr.?)

John Minor to Masay Hobgood 9 Sept 1835. Witness: Lewis Wilburn. 

Note: The witness Lewis Wilburn on both of these marriages suggests that Mary Hampton was married first to William Wilburn. I searched in the original and published marriage records and did not find one for Mary Hampton to John Minor. To be certain that this was not a mistake, I found the LWT of Mary Wilburn and John Wilburn (sp. Wilbourne). As you can see, John married a Mary Hampton and was related to Nolan Hampton. LWT of John Wilbourne of Orange County NC 


Mary, daughter of John Minor, was not named in the first LWT of Andrew Hampton, or the second one, which only named his living grandchildren. 

The LWT of Ezekiel Hampton is listed in the NC Wills as being filed in Yancey County. I do not have access to Yancey Wills or Granville County Wills after 1800. 

In earlier times, the DAR applications did not list the source information. Had this requirement been met, then errors would not be floating around today. Many people accept the data without checking actual county records, etc. It is not surprising that one person said that Andrew Hampton was born in England. That application went through without listing all of the children, marriages, etc. 

I searched through all Granville County records, viz: Minutes, Deeds, Wills, Estates and Marriages. Also searched Orange, Edgecombe, Buncombe and Yancey Counties. Also, Jefferson County, Georgia records where Andrew went to from Granville, and Laurens County. 

The wills, estate and deeds did not establish the desired connections like they might have. 

Recommended: That you write the Clerk of the Probate Court, Granville County, 101 Main St, Oxford, NC 27565 and ask for photocopies of the following wills:

LWT of Mary Minor, Will Book 8, page 176, dated 1818
LWT of John Minor, Sr., Will Book 15, p. 287, dated 1842. I do not have access to these records. These two wills might disclose the information that you desire. 

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