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Task: To find the First Marriage of George Troup Massengale of Georgia.

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  • Meriwether County Marriage Records
  • Meriwether County Census Records
  • 1880 Upson County Census

Comments. The transcriber of the Meriwether County Census records could not read the writing, and thus made a serious transposition of the name of G. T. Massengill or Massengale. The clue was in the 1880 Census of Upson County wherein James Reynolds age 22 was with the family. After determining that some Reynolds families did indeed reside in that county, it became obvious that this was Cally's (Cattie's) brother. I searched for James and Cattie Reynolds on the 1870 Meriwether Census Index without any luck. The 1870 Index to Census records is badly flawed, as there are many families which are omitted. However, the family may still be on the 1870 Meriwether census. It will require a page-by-page search, taking possible errors into consideration. 

The second marriage was to Ida Dames, the youngest child of Henry G. Dames of Jones County (1860 Census), whose LWT in Jones County establishes that Ida R. Dames was the youngest child. Therefore, her marriage to George Troup Massengale which occurred in 1887 Jones County is correct. She was the second wife.

Please order a copy of the marriage certificate filed in Book D, 1877-1888, as follows:

W. J. Gill to Miss Cattie Reynolds 31 Oct 1877 (license) 11 Nov 1877 (wedding).

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