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Task: To Learn of Elijah Christian had a daughter Mary

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Comments: The above records should suffice to proce that Elijah Christian had a daughter Mary who was married to Cornelius McCarty at the time of Elijah's death in 1801. You did not reveal the date of the birth of Mary Christian. Usually, females in Georgia were married between the ages of 16 and 19. Any child of hers and McCarty born before 1820 would have belonged to that couple. So far, I have not found the newspaper which denotes her obituary or death notice. 

I tried to acquire a photo copy of the records in Franklin County Court of Ordinary Records Book 1787, 1849, Loose Papers, Order to Sell, RG 159-2-39, vol. 12, p. 5. No luck on any of Franklin County microfilms. However, you should be able to write the Clerk of the Probate Court at: 7085 GA-145, Carnesville, GA 30521 as they would have the Loose Records Books.

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