Monday, September 17, 2018

Where is that Land #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Where is that Land?

Golden GooseOld wills frequently designate certain acreage to each son. So, how does one locate the various bequeathed tracts? But don't stop there; find the various tracts in order to trace families! The golden goose lies in Tax Digests which were kept in county records during the lifetime of your ancestors. One simply follows the years, noting the amount of acreage and how that changes over time. If John Smith bequeathed 240 acres to a son named John Smith, after his death, that land would show up under another John Smith name (the son). And so on. Next, the deed records provide a number of surprises. This is where people made deed gifts to children whether or not they left a last will and testament. So, a person near death may have already distributed much of his estate to his children. This would explain why the children were not named and only an executor or executrix was directed to administer the last portion of the estate.

Southampton County VA Wills and Estates. See Names
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