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Don't Pack your Bags yet 
Mars,, the Red Planet

They say that we will never move as fast as the speed of light, yet NASA continues to send probes into space which are designed to increase in speed as they proceed around the planets.  A star ship such as "The Enterprise" (Star Trek) could never reach a speed (near that of light) without a powerfully propelling fusion fuel.  That is because of mass.  The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s.  A spaceship cannot travel as fast as light because of mass and requires fuel. The journey from Earth to Mars takes about 300 days. Every two years Mars is 55 million km from Earth, its closest point.  The fuel required to propel a spaceship to Mars is very expensive.  At present, a star ship cannot achieve the necessary speed to reach other planets without burning a nuclear fusion type fuel, yet to be invented for this purpose.  The integer is a warp speed so fast that time would slow down compared to actual earth time.  An example would be that the time required to leave Earth and reach a certain destination would be something like 100 years, while a warp speed would be 3 years.   In other words, once Astronauts left Earth time would slow down and they would reach the (speculative) planet in 3 years, while back on Earth, a hundred years had passed. 

NASA's space probes use low wattage and are not inhibited by mass. Voyager1 has traveled 12 billion miles in 36 years.  The latest data reveals that Voyager1 has been traveling for about a year through the plasma (ionized gas) which is present in the space between stars.  Voyager2, launched a few days after Voyage1, flew by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  And the Voyager mission controllers still talk every day at about 23 watts (the power of a refrigerator light bulb).  That is what we need to run a star ship!

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