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Find a Treasure Trove in Covington #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Find a Treasure Trove in Covington

Covington homeCovington is a treasure trove of wealth. Most of the beautiful homes in this old Georgia town survived the War Between the States. That is because as the news that General Sherman was en route to Atlanta, people buried their family silver and money in their flower gardens and other places. Even if Sherman did not come directly through a town, his scouts paroled the area stealing live stock and anything which might be useful to the army. Atlantans boarded trains going south to Shanty Town near Jonesboro while others took the railroad out of Marietta. There are many tales of places where people hid the treasure which still exist today. And there was the story in my family that when John Chambliss hid his gold, he revealed the hiding place to certain members of the family before the family left the area. Later, during the 1880s a family member remembered and returned and dig up quart jars of silver coins. No gold! Oh well, it made a good tale. Just as people tried to protect themselves against losses, they made records of their lifestyles and activities. These records were recorded in diaries and papers which we will probably never see, but also left unintended information in local court house as they preserved deeds to the old homeplaces, and detailed their wishes in wills and estates. Sherman did not torch Covington like he did Atlanta, so those precious records survived. During pre-war days the town was a major center of agricultural activities, a place where the surrounding countryside of farmers and merchants conducted business. Thus, it is also important to search for old records and acquire more details of the ancestors. Listed (above) are some names of persons who made wills in the county.  See Names of Newton County Ancestors
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