Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It is No Longer Impossible to Read Faded Records #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

The Great Dismal Swamp
Impossible is Becoming Possible!

The swamp is becoming clean! Remember the day when nothing was indexed?  No, not the census records nor books written about ancestors.  Nothing.  One had to examine the census page by page on an antiquated microfilm reader.  Later, the readers improved somewhat but it was not until the Scan Pro microfilm readers reached libraries with adequate budgets to purchase them, that we could really see the data.  Old newspapers, smeared documents, and bad copies may now be focused into a better read.  The county records which were microfilmed during the 1950s are now more visible on the scan pro machines, and this translates into a better read on the computer.  Hence, the improving media technology is a big save for genealogy records!  Brigham Young University has developed technology which reads fragments and bleed-through of the Dead Sea Scrolls.   I have visited court houses where the print was so faded that it was impossible to read.  Looks like the impossible is possible and that the future is very bright for the restoration of old records!

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