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Names of Kentucky Ancestors --- > Montgomery County

Montgomery County Wills, Estates, Guardianships

Montgomery County Kentucky

Montgomery County was established in 1796 from land taken from by Clark County. Montgomery County was named in honor of Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War Brigadier General who was killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec City, Canada. The county seat is Mount Sterling. 

Genealogy Records available to Members of Kentucky Pioneers

Book A, 1797-1812

Allen, John *Anderson, Nicholas *Armstrong, Thomas *Beacraft, James *Bell, William *Bell, Zachariah *Bledsoe, Moses *Boone, Jacob *Bracken, Robert *Branson, David *Brinser, David *Bumgardner, Bum *Butler, Thomas *Caldwell, John *Cantell, Joshua *Carmen, Henry *Carson, William *Clark, James *Collins, Joseph *Colliver, Joseph *Darnatt, John *Davis, Ignatius *Davis, Nathaniel *Davis, Thomas *Dewitt, Barnet *Dewitt, Barnett Sr. *Dewitt, Martin *Downings, James *Downings, Samuel *Duncan, Isaac *Elliott, John *England, David *Erwin, John *Ewings, Joshua *Fletcher, Thomas *Forbest, Hugh *Furled, Anthony *Goodson, Duncan *Hall, Robert *Harris, Joseph *Harrow, Samuel *Hart, William *Hensley, Joseph *Hensley, Samuel *Hicks, Alexander *Hodge, John H. *Honaker, Peter *Hopper, William *Jenkins, James H. *Jennings, William *Johnson, Edmund *Kelly, Alexander *Kennedy, James *Lancaster, Benjamin *Lane, William *Lawson, Elijah *Lenigor, Joseph *Loe, Polly *Maxy, Thomas *Mayberry, Lewis *Mays, Thomas *Meteer, William *Mitchel, John *Mitchell, John *Norris, William *Northcut, Jeremiah *Oakley, Benjamin *Owings, Jeptha *Parker, Peter *Parks, James *Pebbler, Jane *Pritchard, Phillip *Ragan, William *Rice, Fleming *Richardson, Jonathan *Ringo, Henry *Robertson, Robert *Robertson, William *Robinson, Hugh *Robinson, John *Robinson, William *Rodgers, John *Saul, William *Shutts, Henry *Sidner, Lawrence *Smith, Joseph *Steel, Robert *Stewart, David *Stewart, Benjamin *Taylor, Francis *Thompson, William *Todd, William *Trotter, Richard *Turner, Joseph *Varnars, Cornelius *Wells, Euclid *Wilkinson, Moses *Williams, John *Williams, Joseph *Wills, James *Wools, Christopher *Young, Robert *Young, S. *Young, William 

Book B, 1813 to 1822

*Adams, Mathew *Allen, John *Allen, William *Allison, William *Anderson, John *Anthony, David *Barker, Thomas *Barnard, John *Barr, William *Barron, David *Batts, Joseph *Bealy, Thomas *Beecraft, James *Belk, William *Bell, William *Biggers, William *Bleak, John *Bledsoe, Moses *Blythe, Charley *Bridges, William *Brothers, Absalom *Brothers, Thomas *Brown, Mary Ann *Budle, David *Bumgarner, George *Caldbreath, John *Callaway, Elizabeth *Callaway, Richard *Cannon, Henry *Carrington, Samuel *Case, James *Case, Samuel *Cockran, William *Coffer, Henry *Collewin, Joseph *Conley,  more names

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