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Fluvanna County Genealogy, Wills, Indexes to Probate Records

Fluvanna County, Virginia
Fluvanna County was once part of Henrico County, an original shires of the Virginia Colony which was divided in 1727 so that the Fluvanna County area became a part of Goochland County. In 1744 Goochland was divided and the area presently known as Fluvanna became a part of Albemarle County. Finally, in 1777, Albemarle County was divided and Fluvanna County established. Actually, the James River and the Rivanna Rivers run through the county. The Fluvanna River and was the name given to the James River which ran west of Columbia. Fluvanna means "Anne's Rive"" in honor of Anne, Queen of Great Britain. The county seat is Palmyra. 

Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Inventories, Estates 1777 to 1808
  • Wills, Inventories, Estates 1808 to 1823
Images of Wills, Inventories, Estates 1777 to 1808, Book 1 

Adams, James | Allegree, Judith | Allen, Richard | Anderson, George | Ashlin, Christopher | Ashlin, John | Bailey, Thomas | Baler, Thomas Sr. | Barley, Thomas | Barnett, John | Barth, Thomas | Baskett, Thomas | Bentley, John | Berry, John | Bethell, Oliver | Bethell, Rebecca | Bice, F. | Bishan, Spencer | ... more ...
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