Thursday, October 4, 2018

Researching Families in the SC Records

Researching Families in South Carolina Records

Crawford EvansCrawford Evans was a hard-working man employed by the Fulton Cotton Mills on DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta. He had the typical education to the third grade. During his generation, no one asked for a college degree before hiring, nor seemed to care. The person was trained on the job. He was reared in Abbeville, South Carolina where his father and grandparents were born. When I visited the court house some years ago, I discovered lots of old books stacked on dusty shelves inside a small office (or vault). Actually, the records in that county seemed to be rather complete. The thing is with South Carolina records is that one must be certain to research all of the equity records (deeds), because while the average farmer  . . . more . . .

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