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Results of Free Research to Members of 8 Genealogy Websites - Robert Skelton Sr., Revolutionary War Soldier

Task:  Info on Robert Skelton, Sr. - Revolutionary War Soldier Posted 28 May 2012 by ronquil2. Rogers-Skelton and Allied Families: Robert Skelton, Sr., served in Colonel Thomas Brandon's Regiment in the Revolutionary War. 

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I searched the following records:
  • Union County SC deeds
  • Elbert County GA deeds
  • Wilkes County GA deeds
  • Franklin County GA deeds
  • Alabama Land Warrants
1830 Alabama Census - Robert in Madison County 1840 Alabama Census - Robert in Tuscaloosa County 

Old Huntsville Land Office Records and Military Warrants by Marilyn Barefield 1810-1854
Huntsville Land Office Register of Receipts 1820-41, Book 400: Robert Skelton, Madison County, Section 30, Tsp 4, Range 6E. 

Old Land Records of Jackson County, Alabama by Margaret Cowart. 
Dozier Skelton 12 Sept 1835 40.10 1/2 acres warrant #8467
Robert Skelton 22 Oct 1836 79.72 1/2 acres warrent #3292
Robert Skelton 24 Ot 1836 39.90 acres warrant #10357 

Comments: I do not have access to the Madison County Alabama records. There is no registered Will for either Robert Skelton or his son Lewis Solomon Skelton in Alabama. At this point, the only way to connect them is to locate a deed record where Robert passes title to lands to his son. I cannot find what you want.
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