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Task: Find the Father of Franklin Young

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Unless proven otherwise, it appears that Franklin Young was born in Wilkes County Georgia and was the son of Patrick Young.

A review of the 1820 to 1830 Mississippi Census records discloses the following:

1820 Pike County Derrell Young - male 26 to 45; female 16 to 26 (born 1774-1792)
Patrick Young - male 26 to 45; female under 10; female 16 to 26 (born 1774-1792) 1830 Claiborne County Derrill Young
Patrick Young 

The above information comes from a "printed" index. The original 1820 Pike for Patrick Young is difficult to read and needs personal examination, to see if there was a son under 10 (instead of a female). 

Patrick Young drew in the 1807 Georgia Land Lottery, a resident of Wilkes County. This is "the only Young" in Georgia who went to Pike County MS. There were no deeds or any other records of him in Wilkes County, Georgia. According to the Census Record, Patrick Young was born between 1775 and 1792. He had to be aged 21 to draw in the land lottery, therefore, it is more accurate to say that he was born ca 1786. 

Family Search has a rather detailed lineage of Thomas Calvin Young Sr. born June 4 1759 in Orangeburg, SC, died 1810, married Hannah Patrick. Children; John, Henry, Elizabeth, Thomas Calvin Jr., William, Patrick, Derrell and Judith. Source records are tax records 1786 and 1790 Orangeburg County Census. Elizabeth Young married Isaac Carter as detailed in the Source Records from Pike County MS by Conerly The Orangeburg County Census records must have burned. To prove the Calvin Young Sr. entry and confirm this lineage, we need to see deeds, estates and wills in Orangeburg County which do not exist. Nevertheless, it appears that we are on the right track.

Additionally, there is a Thomas Young who died 1810 in Wilkes County, WB HH, p. 31 who names his heirs as Elizabeth, Samuel, David, William R., Nancy, Polly, Elizabeth and Susan. Clearly, this Thomas is not the father of Patrick Young. Yet he may be a distant relative. 

Research: Claiborne and Pike Counties, MS; 1820-30 MS Census Records; Georgia Land Lotteries; Wilkes County Georgia Wills, Estates, Deeds. I have limited access to MS records.

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