Monday, November 26, 2018

Historical Cities Uninterrupted by Time

Historical Cities Uninterrupted by Time

It is always fun to explore old towns and places where history thrived, such as St. Augustine, Florida. Over 400 years of history is plain to see as you walk through the old streets, peruse old buildings and homes and tour the Spanish fort. The Spanish made their claim during the early 1500's, and a Huguenot colony from France followed. There are some very old cemeteries, the Huguenot, a burial ground of those who died during the yellow fever epidemic of 1823, Catholic cemetery, a cemetery for the Tolomato Indians,and a National Cemetery containing burials of Union Soldiers. These cemeteries are found on Southeastern Genealogy.

This charming city is widely visited every year by internationals as well as US citizens.  The history is well documented by plaques designating the oldest houses and churches, tourism galore.  A great place for genealogists to dig.

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