Friday, November 23, 2018

Social Media Dealt Genealogists Quite a Blow!

Fading into the Next Phase
Looks like FB is just about dead for sharing genealogy information with others.

May I suggest as a place to post your genealogy items?  It is a new social media AP, similar to Twitter, except that it contains no ads, politics, or anger.  This clean little AP is ideal for us genealogists.  my handle is @genealogy  
Another source is the Genealogy History Blog which can easily added to your phone  In the address bar, type

Next, on the iPhone, click on the then up arrow (bottom); then scroll across and click on "+ Add to Home Screen".  This makes for convenience in viewing.  Or, you can go to the blog and choose to have the articles sent directly to your email address.

Jeannette Holland Austin

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Online Genealogy

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