Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Downgrade of Facebook for Genealogy

The Downgrade of FB and Twitter from the Viewpoint of a Small Business Owner

I am not an IT expert, however, as far as I am concerned, these aps have become useless to the average poster.  After losing most of my friends to the new algorithim on FB,  I played the game of paying for advertising.  Unfortunately, after months of reading the data which came back, it is difficult to believe that an average of 2 clicks is the result of over 1,000 impressions.  In other words, is the program actually producing that many impressions or is something wrong?   For one, the casual observer does not realize that there is a landing page and I have received comments to that effect.  Needless to day, the presentment of the FB model is not worth its salt.   Hence, I have discontinued posting ads or articles there because there is simply no return on the investment.   

As far as Twitter is concerned, this ap seems to mostly consist angry people visiting too many  posts in general.  This type of culture may be successful in some businesses, but it feels more like a venting ground for frustrated people rather than upbeat people seekiing intelligent exchange. 

I label this sort of dialog as "angry publicity" and if there is one thing which I do not want is to introduce to my customers, it is a bad attitude. Nor do I want anyone associating me with any of the angry groups parading themselves before the public eye making threats and outrageous demands. 
Instead, I want my subscribers to continue sharing family information and finding solutions to difficult research efforts. Family history or genealogy is tedious research, and has always been a discussion of the facts and assimulation of the results into the family tree.  The truth may not be sufficienly glamorous to incorporate into today's sordid advertising methods.
Sometimes a good thing goes bad.   Thus,  I am dropping bad aps from my work load.  They are simply a waste of effort. 

May I suggest another source for genealogists and historians, where information is based upon facts, interesting stories, discoveries and genealogies?  Genealogy History Blog
Also, there is a new posting ap on the horizon which has a clean, no ads format. It is Mastodon.Social.  It is easy to post on and an excellent place for genealogists to share their information.  After all, sharing information should be the moniker of every business.
Time to Move on, Genealogists

For awhile the social media was a good place for genealogists to meet and share information. Yet even the best of times comes to an end. 

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