Friday, November 23, 2018

The Great Storm of 1850 in NC #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

The Great Storm of 1850

The GroveThe Grove destroyed in the Hurricane of 1850. " The storm has accomplished a vast work of destruction to the corn and fodder, and the tide rose to a height unparalleled in the recollection of the oldest inhabitant. We understand that the storm was severely felt in a portion of Franklin County, and that its ravages in Halifax were most destructive and appalling. We learn, for instance, that in one place in Franklin County, a cow was thrown some eight or ten feet and lodged in the branches of a tree ! Several calves, it is stated, were lifted from their pens in Halifax, and torn limbless".; " The bridge across Ouankey Creek, on the Wilmington Rail Road, at Halifax, N. C. was blown off and it is four feet higher than had ever been known in the piers, and now lays alongside of them. We learn that the Roanoke ran within eighteen The plantation of Mr. Crowell, four miles south of the Gaston Rail Road Bridge. Mrs. Eppe's Grove at Halifax (which will be re membered by visiters to that place,) was injured to a considerable extent by the tearing up and blowing down of the trees. One end of the depot at Halifax was likewise blown down."

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