Monday, December 24, 2018

1895 8th Grade Students were Smarter

The Students of an 1895 8th Grade Class were Smarter than Today

Report CardIf you are who supposes that because of the unique advances of society in technology, math and science makes the farmers of past generations less intelligent, think again! I remember that during the 1950s through 1970s all that we heard from politicians was that we needed better teachers and to pay them more. That was the solution which would remove the neglectful tumbledown from the minds of young people and motivate them to make something of themselves. However, flatly stated, the political encouragement to attend school resulted in soothing the lazy tendencies of people not to step up to the plate and of "dummying down" the student circulum. Hence, the scholastic books themselves dropped the old curriculum of history and literature and instead of preparing students to meet the challenges of tomorrow, it produced and promoted liberal agendas such as " you do not like it, protest." The 1895 examination of a 8th Grade test given to students in Salina, Kansas reveals how much more educated those old farmers were. Just imagine what the students of yester year could do with today's advances! Scooping out Ancestors Teaches History Not Found in Schools Old Georgia Schools and their Masters 

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