Friday, December 28, 2018

Impressions in the Soil #northcarolinapioneerscom #ncgenealogy

Impressions in the Soil

broken tombstonesWhile visiting cemeteries, no doubt everyone has noticed the flat impressions in the soil which suggest a burial. Actually, if we observe closely, there are many burials without markers or tombstones. Not much time has to pass before a grave is lost in the transmogrification of the soil. For example, slate, which was in popular use as tombstones in former times, breaks and falls to the ground. The rains fall into the concavity. After awhile, the fragments of the tombstone disappears. Stone markers also crumble and fall to the ground. And if that did not occur naturally, the graveyard was likely vandalized. Perhaps, if we dig around an impression, we will discover another grave. Nevertheless, should this impression be located in a family grave-lot or nearby, we are aware that someone is missing. Consider the time when Egyptian burial sites were were dug up, and mummies used for fire, or taken on tour around the world and displayed for money. Museums acquire skulls and skeletons. Smithsonian Institute has gobs of them.

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