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Pendleton County Deeds

Woodburn Plantation

Cherokee Indians lived in this region long before the American Revolution. During the war for independence, the Cherokee's sided with Great Britain. It was this decision which led to the loss of their land then located in the northwestern corner of South Carolina. But two months of fight during the summer of 1776 between the local patriot militia and the Cherokees, defeated the Indians. In 1789 this land had became Pendleton County, later re-named Pendleton District. Today we know it as Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties.

Pendleton County Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers


  • Index to Pendleton District Deeds for 1840
  • Pendleton District Deeds (digital images) 1825 to 1831
  • Names of Grantors: These same transactions apply to Anderson County. Some of these deeds include estate transaction. The names listed below are grantors. Other names are included in each deed transaction. Grantors: Armstrong, William | Birchfield, James | Brown, William | Bruster, John | Bruster, William | Burns, Leroy | Cooper, Washington | Cox, Sarah | Earp, David | Elliott, Nancy | Evans, Zachariah | Hembree, Daniel | Hooper, Hiram | Hunter, John | Kay,Mary | Keaton, Archibald | Kennemore | Light, Jacob | Loden, Jesse | Matheson, Thomas | May, William | Merritt, Allen | Pullen, Leroy | Quails, Chloe | Shearman, John | Stewart, James | Tippin, George | Trotter, Robert | West, Priscilla | Wyatt, Elijah
  • Bruster, John, LWT, transcript
  • Burch, Henry, estate, 1823
  • Liddell, Andrew, LWT, 1820
  • Liddell, Moses, LWT, 1802
  • Rogers, Hugh, LWT, 1801
  • Pendleton County Land Grants, List of, Books A & B

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