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Prince George County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Probate Records

Brandon Plantation South

Prince George County was established in 1702 and was named in honor of Prince George of Denmark, who was the husband of Queene Anne of England. Queen Anne. It was formed from Charles City County, one of the original eight shires, and its boundaries stretched from south of the James River down to the North Carolina line. 

Prince George County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1713 to 1728 

Anderson, John 
Anderson, Peter 
Batte, Henry 
Bilbro, Thomas, estate 
Bolling, Drury, Capt., estate 
Braine, John 
Bridges, Timothy, estate 
Brooks, George, estate 
Chambliss, Elizabeth deed from Thomas Taylor 
Clifton, Thomas 
Clifton, Thomas, inventory 
Clifton estate 
Connell, Timothy 
Crawley, David 
Cray, Thomas 
Davis, Christopher, estate
Duke, Henry, Capt., estate
Epes, William Sr. 
Epess, William, Sr., estate
Fauquier, Francis 
Goodrich, Charles
Goodrich, Charles, estate
Goodrich, Edward, estate
Goodrich, Margaret
Griffith, Elizabeth
Griffith, Thomas
Grigg, William
Grigg, William, inventory
Hamlin, John
Hamlin, John, estate
Hamlin, John, estate continued 
Hardyman, Fitt 
Hardyman, Littlebury, estate
Harrison, Thomas, estate
Harrowell, John, land patent 
Hooper, Thomas, estate
Ingram, Richard, estate
Jackson, William
Jackson, William, inventory
Johnson, Edward 
Johnson, Edward, inventory
Jones, Abraham 
Jones, James 
Jones, Mary 
Jones, Peter 
Jones, Robert Jr. 
Jones, Robert Jr., inventory
Kirkland, Richard, inventory

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