Monday, December 10, 2018

The eloquent Patrick Henry #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Patrick Henry, the Eloquent Patriot

Patrick HenryPatrick Henry was born in 1736 in Hanover County. His father was a lawyer of much intelligence, and his mother belonged to a fine old Welsh family. When he was fifteen years old, his father put him into a country store where he tried his hand at store keeping, which failed. When finally he decided to practice law, after only studying for six months, he applied for admission to the bar. The new occupation of an lawyer served him well and in 1765, after the passage of the Stamp Act by the English Parliament, he went to Williamsburg to attend the session of the Virginia House of Burgesses, where he was elected a member. The countryside was stirred up by the news of the new Stamp Act. Most of the members of the House of Burgesses were wealthy planters, men of dignity and influence and spoke kindly of England as the "mother" of the colonies. But Patrick Henry was prepared and had written a series of resolutions upon the blank leaf taken from a law-book. He arose and offered them to the assembly. One of these resolutions declared that the General Assembly of the colony had the sole right and power of laying taxes in the colony. A hot debate followed, in the course of which Patrick 


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