Friday, December 7, 2018

The Mutable Measuring Stick of Time

The Mutable Measuring Stick of Time

father time33 1/2 years makes a generation. In generations past, because of wars and disease, this was about the life-expectancy of a person. In the 21st century we enjoy good medicine and a better way. "We have come a long way, baby." Because the past was riveted with uncertainty, there are bundles of issues to consider while researching the family history. The researcher must consider the era in which he is working. Consider, up until about the 16th century, documents and old wills were written in Latin. Not only was the language different, but the elegant archaic script poses other problems. Although the dark (seldom fading) India ink written with a feather pen survives even unto this day, it is not always possible to read the words or its meaning. Not without an education into the past. When I was attending school, we were taught cursive writing, however, it did not contain the fancy looping effect of that employed fifty or a hundred years earlier. Although the era of Queen Victoria was during the late 19th century, most people are ignorant that there is a double-loop for (double "s"), and transcribe it as a "p" instead. Although I have read old records dating 
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