Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Reason we are not Finding our Ancestors #northcarolinapioneerscom #ncgenealogySt

 The Reason we are not Finding our Ancestors 

Are we studying the old plats?

Not enough time is spent in the tedium studying minute clues and details or examining the history which surrounded the lives of our ancestors.  People were on the move for a reason.  That reason was good, fertile soil.  Land patents, grants and lotteries attracted new settlements.  A great deal of history is provided in seldom reviewed county records, particularly minute books, where daily activities were recorded.  To name a few studies, viz: religious congregations who moved across America, Indian Wars, Militia Lists and activities, Musters of the War of 1812 and Revolutionary War Pensions. We must ask ourselves questions such as: "What was X doing in the Virginia mountains during early 1700s and what families also came along?"  If we were writing a county history, we would examine all of these records, and more, wouldn't we?  Needless to say, the genealogist is also the consummate historian! Our ancestors led some pretty darn interesting lives!  It is up to us to explore all of the possibilities.

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