Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Smith Families of Georgia #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

The Smith Families in Georgia

Smith Cemetery at Brent, Georgia (Monroe County)
For many years now, I have researched numerous Smith families in Georgia.  The common name makes the untangling of families a difficult chore.  There is one thing certain - the deed records must be carefully examined as well as all of the wills and estates in the counties involved. It is important to pay particular attention to the names of witnesses on the deeds as well as the estate documents as all of these people were neighbors.  If the same witness appears on several documents then it is safe to say that you are working on the correct Smith family. And especially if those same names are in the cemeteries where your folks were buried.

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  1. My Smiths - Madison(1720-1767), Rev. William (1765-1841) and Manning - were from Liberty County. Manning ended up in Pasco County, Florida and died in 1881