Friday, December 28, 2018

Why Shouldn't we Dig for Ancestors? #northcarolinapioneerscom #ncgenealogy

Archaelogists Dig for Answers. Shouldn't Genealogists Do the Same?

old farmHow often have you passed old corn fields and apple orchards on the road? An old torn-down barn, red bricks scattered in the yard, the remains of a few budding jonquils and day lilies? Did you have the impression of an unpleasant existence? If you found where the out-house stood, you might notice that old bottles and trash were dumped in that hole. And the well might house a few relics of the past lives of our ancestors. Ironically, archaeologists do not see open space as a depressing wilderness. In fact, they are prepared to dig deep into the soil to find more evidence of past generations. The key is to locate the old home site of the ancestors, then examine everything, including the markings of tractor tires. Every grave in this country has not been located. In fact, there are many graves around old farms which can be discovered 

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