Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Assumption vs. Facts in Genealogy

Assumption vs. Facts

bushelsIn tracing the ancestors, the minute that we assume something, it is wrong! Family traditions, naming of children, and certain scenarios seem to fit the puzzle, so we pencil it in. Years pass, and we still have not found anything concrete the prove our theory. But the entry is like an old friend, so we hesitate to erase it. Somehow it gets published on the Internet. Because someone else has the same entry (probably originated from ourselves), we add credibility to the situation. This is just one way in which errors get repeated. There is nothing easy about this work and mistakes are made by the bushels. It is said that tens of millions of Americans descend from King Edward I of England. We are talking about 13th century. Since the family tree doubles with every generation which is traced backwards, some 239.33 generations have since passed . Now, let us image a lineage chart containing all of his descendants published in the traditional individual pedigree format upon a World Chart! And that the computer program merged a criteria of data. Now, think of the individual errors (names and probable dates, spelled variously, and repeated) on individual family group sheets all pointing to the King. Because of name variables (and spellings) and estimated date lines, the same names of his children get repeated millions of times. As more and more charts go online, we discover a conglomeration of conflicting data. The best means of preventing duplication is to add the proof of each name, date, place, etc. so that others may double-check the information. 

Just saying. 


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  1. Photos are another assumption also. Just yesterday I thought I had found a relatives photo until I noticed that it was on many different trees with as much as 80 years timeline difference with it.