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Captain Harper was Robin Hood #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Captain Harper was Robin Hood

Robin HoodThere was a portion of the old Carolina Road which was called "Rogue's Road" on account of the many bold robberies committed along its route by the famous gentleman of the day, Captain Harper, who regularly patrolled it and terrorized all those who resided nearby. The women were afraid to venture out on this road alone. A rather pretty story was told in this regard. A young Virginia maiden was walking the road alone one evening about twilight, hurrying from a visit to a neighbor, when a dashing cavalier road up and reigned his horse beside her. "Are you not afraid to walk this road alone on account of Captain Harper and his band?quot; he asked. "No," replied the maiden, "for I have always heard that Captain Harper was a gentleman." The dashing horseman looked at her a moment and then walked his horse beside her until she reached the gate leading to her home. And then, raising his hat and bowing, said: " Captain Harper bids you good night" and digging the rowels into his steed, vanished as he came. Source: Legends of Loudoun: An Account of the History and Homes of a Border County of Virginia's Northern Neck by Harrison Williams.


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